Mikołaj Pruszewski

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In case you're wondering what I'm up to right now

I'm living in Cracow

Since moving here in October 2018 I'm living that Cracovian life. I'm not sure where life will take me next time and how long we (as in me and my partner) are going to stay in here, but so far it's all good!

Studying and searching for work

At the same time I moved to Cracow - I started my student life. At first: for one year as journalist and social communication student in Catholic Academy "Ignatianum". But as it turned out, it wasn't for me. Now, I have just started going to University Rolniczy in Cracow at extramural studies, where I do master degree program in Economy. In the meantime I'm looking for job in IT world.


I'm still doing my blog. It feels great to write about all that technology stuff.


At the moment I'm reading: Don't Make Me Think written by Steve KrugI. Listening to a lot of Podcasts and creating a lot of playlist for me and my friends in Apple Music

Thank you for being here. If you think we could do something cool - let me know. I'm happy to help